Constructional Measures

The number and location of heat-generating and radiating kitchen devices should be fit for the kitchen area. It is very hard to ventilate the kitchen areas with full of equipment and devices. Maximum thermal load for kitchens is between 80 - 100/m2. Another principle is to make direct suction from such devices by means of local ventilation. Moisture resistant plaster should be applied onto the walls and ceilings. Thus, the walls will have dehumidifying capacity.

Oil paint is never recommended for kitchen areas. Windows should be double glazed and have minimum dimensions. Toilets should be situated in the space furthest away from the main kitchen. Ventilation ducts should be made of galvanized sheet. Burning process may easily occur in the ducts coated with thin layer of grease. Ducts should have cleaning covers and air ducts out of kitchen area should be insulated in such a way that they will resist to fire for 90 minutes to prevent it from spreading.

Source of pictures and articles: Studies of Isisan Academy no:305
Air conditioning manual, updated 3rd edition