Information about Our Company and Our Product

We, Alize Mühendislik, have been conducting business in the HVAC sector since 2001. Our company has been the solution partner for the specific problems of our customers since the date of our incorporation. We have also been successfully providing services for 8 years as a dealer for many leading companies. The companies for which we distribute products are mainly OLEFINI (air curtains), FUJITSU, FUJI ELECTRIC (air conditioner and VRF systems) and AKSA (generating sets.

As of September 2009, we have concluded a distributor agreement with EUROMATE, a leading Dutch company in the market, to act as the sole distributor for industrial-type air cleaning devices within the borders of Turkey. Based upon this agreement, we have started to supply industrial-type electrostatic air filters in the Turkish market under the quality and warranty of EUROMATE.

Thanks to the said devices – also known as kitchen hoods without a shaft – we are firmly committed to changing conventional kitchens arranged in the order of kitchen hood, duct, suction fan and shaft. The polluted air of normal kitchens is released into the atmosphere without being purified, and along with indoor toxic exhaust gases, grease, odor, soot, smoke and fumes. This situation disturbs residents living in the vicinity, increases the cost of maintenance and consumables due to suction fans and filters that are blocked in a very short time, and also increases fire risk due to the accumulated oil and grime in air ducts. A satisfactory and comprehensive solution has not been found yet. For example, dust bags fill up in a short time, and even though closed circuit water systems have become partially successful, they also increase costs and are unable to remove unpleasant odors and toxic chemical wastes in an effective manner.

EUROMATE SFE is positioned between the hood and fan. It charges the toxic chemical exhaust gases, grease, soot, odor and smoke molecules in the air with high voltage electricity in the ionization section when it is operated with the fan and the molecules stick onto collector surfaces in collection plates charged reversely. It is easy to remove the collector filter. It can be washed and easily inserted into its holder after being dried. It is ready to work when the device is switched on.

You will enjoy a great number of advantages by using the EUROMATE SFE, which will be fitted to your existing ventilation duct. The major advantages are as follows:

No dirty, unpleasant, smoky and filthy air is exhausted from your shaft to the outside.
Minimum consumables cost through use of the forever filter system.
Longer service life for the existing fan and filters.
It enhances your company's clean and environmentally friendly image.
It is possible to reach up to 99% clean and odorless air quality by means of optional installation models.
As a result of avoiding the accumulated grease and grime in ventilation ducts, the fire risk, which is high for the said areas, will be significantly reduced.

By means of these devices imported to Turkey in cooperation with ALIZE MÜHENDISLIK and EUROMATE SFE, the air extracted outside through industrial kitchen chimneys is processed and purified as factory chimneys do. Thus, small places will be transformed into commercial enterprises and they will prevent bad odors, smoke and soot in outdoor places such as the roof, street, neighborhood, etc. from circulating.

Fire risk arising from the dirty grease, soot and smut accumulated in the air duct is diminished and the fire safety of your company will be improved accordingly.

Our product is made in Holland and under 2-year warranty coverage. The efficiency and capacity of the device may be increased depending on your operational budget, with the help of optional installation models and various accessories.