Odor Neutralization with Odor Control


Odor is an stimulus transmitted into our brain as a result of the fact that gaseous reactive molecules in the air we breathe in stimulate the receptors in human nose.

The following methods (suitable one is determined considering the odor source) are utilized in removing unpleasant odors with Odor Control odor neutralization.

Neutralization : Active substance of odor removal products primarily target the odor molecule. Special molecular structure of our odor neutralizing chemical damages the structure type of malodor which is perceived by receptors in the nose by focusing the malodor molecule. Thus it commences disintegration process of malodor molecule.

Sedimentation : When Odor Control is applied with misting automation it takes the misting molecules in and precipitate them slowly with mist. It is summarized as cleaning the air with the mixture of Odor Control and water similar to after rain effect.

As a result of whole or a part of these methods, ambient odor is neutralized and goes down below the perceivable and offensive level.


Odor control odor neutralization products are applied manually or automatically. While the solutions between 1 - 5 % are used for manual applications by means of back pump or hand type sprayers, solution concentration of the applications conducted with automation system ranges between 0,01 - 0,1%.

We recommend high pressure misting systems that maximize efficiency for automatic applications designed and applied by us in order to meet the requirements.

In addition Odor Control odor removal chemicals are compatible with perfume dosing pumps and other automatic spraying devices available in the market for automatic applications.